15 THINGS TO DO in the Amalfi Coast with LOCAL TIPS

If you are looking for or planning what to do on the Amalfi Coast, you are in the right place. Read on for some local tips to better organize your stay as well as for ideas and inspiration on places to visit, activities, and experiences to do on the Amalfi Coast, or rather, in the “Divine Coast“.

  1. Amalfi and Positano
  2. Vietri sul Mare: the ceramic village
  3. Cetara: the fishing village
  4. Maiori and Minori
  5. Ravello: the most beautiful terrace in the world
  6. Atrani: the smallest town in Italy
  7. Furore: the “country that is not there”
  8. Agerola: “the land of the Gods”
  9. Salerno
  10. Hiking & Trails
  11. Boat tour
  12. Lemon tour 
  13. Wine tours and tastings
  14. Cooking Classes
  15. E-bike tour
to do in amalfi coast

Some local tips

The time you have will never seem enough to do everything you want on the Amalfi Coast. For this reason, the only solution is intelligent scheduling of to-dos and trips that won’t waste your time. Let’s start with a few questions and local tips for organizing your trip to the Amalfi Coast:

Where to stay on Amalfi Coast?

If you decide to reach the Amalfi Coast by car in the summer months, for example, you will necessarily have to choose to stay in strategic places such as Salerno or Cava de’ Tirreni, where you can park your car to move around with local transport and reach the most popular destinations. Otherwise, if you get by train or by plane and local trasports, a lot of difference makes it your budget and how much you want to spend for the accommodation. Staying directly on the Amalfi Coast (for example in Amalfi or Positano) has a much higher cost, especially in high season. If you need some advice on where to stay on the Amalfi Coast and Salerno, do not hesitate to contact me on Whatsapp!

How to get around the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi coast drive that connects all the villages of the Amalfi Coast is certainly evocative, but when it is very busy (in high season and on weekends) it is certainly not an experience that I would recommend! Try to plan your journeys mainly by the sea with ferries, or by bus for short distances (the road that runs along the Amalfi Coast is a succession of hairpin bends and curves!).

Thanks to the ferry companies (one of these that I would recommend is Travelmar) it is possible to move between the different villages on the Coast with greater flexibility, without traffic stress, and above all to enjoy a beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast from the sea that would be possible to see only by taking a boat tour!

Read on, in addition to many ideas, you will find practical and useful tips to better plan your visit to the Amalfi Coast! And if you need more advice, don’t hesitate to write me on Whatsapp

15 places to see and things to do:

1) Amalfi and Positano

One of the things to do in the Amalfi Coast is definitely to visit Amalfi and Positano. If you decide to visit the Coast, probably, it is precisely because you had in mind to see these two places at least once in your life. Both Amalfi and Positano, during the summer season, are well connected during the day by ferries, and therefore can be reached from almost all places on the Coast.

In Amalfi I definitely recommend taking a walk along the course, until you reach and visit the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea (the “Duomo of Amalfi”). For lovers of trekking, but not only, I recommend visiting the natural reserve of the Valle delle Ferriere, a path that starts from the Duomo and proceeds towards the Museum of Paper leads to the ancient paper mills where the “Amalfi card” was made.

In Positano I definitely recommend you take a walk in the center until you reach and visit the Church of Santa Maria Assunta (the “Dome of Positano”) and then go up all the alleys until you take Via Cristoforo Colombo to the number 173, where you can admire Positano in all its beauty and take your picture postcard! (remember to tag the IG @travel_scratchpad page)

*For those staying in Salerno, I always recommend dedicating a full day to visiting Amalfi and Positano together: with the first ferry in the morning reach Positano and dedicate the whole morning, then move to Amalfi before or after lunch, spend the afternoon here and return to Salerno with the last ferry (total cost of 32 euros per person, for more info, consult Travelmar.it).

As always I have created an interactive map and a small guide with local tips and places not to be missed in Amalfi and Positano. Write to me on Whatsapp to receive it!

2) Vietri sul Mare: the ceramic village

Vietri sul mare is one of the least known destinations on the Amalfi Coast, but it really deserves to be visited. Famous for its ancient tradition in the art of crafting and decorating ceramics, it is a colorful village, a veritable open-air museum of ceramics. Vietri has a “high” part where it houses the village and a part on the sea, where there are wide beaches perfect for a day at the beach. 

Vietri is also very close to Albori, elected one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, home to the Museum of Ceramics and a very characteristic village with a beautiful view of the Coast. For lovers of typical cuisine, in addition to locally produced wines, here you must try the pasta “alla cuppitiello” (with seasonal vegetable sauce) and the “palle di ciuccio”, characteristic sweet and potato croquettes. 

To find out more, read: VIETRI SUL MARE | Curiosities and ideas for your visit to the Amalfi Coast


3) Cetara: the fishing village

Cetara is a quiet fishing village where you can breathe the true air of a coastal village linked to the sea and the tradition of fishing. In Cetara you don’t expect to find streets full of shops, but many restaurants and bars where you can eat fresh fish caught by local fishermen. Here is very famous the “cuoppo di Alici“, a sheet of paper wrapped in the shape of a cone with fried fish inside (anchovies), absolutely to be tried! In addition to the “cuoppo”, absolutely worth trying is the “Colatura di Alici“, the condiment par excellence typical of Cetara made from anchovies. A small village that offers a lot: good food, a beautiful sea, and even activities for windsurfers!

To find out more, read: CETARA | Curiosities and ideas for your visit to the Amalfi Coast or contact me on Whatsapp!

4) Maiori and Minori

Visiting Maiori and Minori is certainly one of the things to do on the Amalfi Coast, especially if you stay more than a few days. You can reach Maiori and Minori, during the summer season (from April to October), by ferry (see travelmar.it for timetables). Maiori is bigger (as the name suggests), so consider more time to visit it, but also to take a dip on the wide beaches on the seafront. In fact, compared to the other villages of the Amalfi Coast, Maiori is the one that has somewhat wider beaches, along with Vietri sul Mare. In Maiori I recommend you to take a walk both on the seafront and along Corso Reginna, until you reach and visit the Gardens of Palazzo Mezzacapo and the Sanctuary of Santa Maria a Mare. For trekking lovers, but not only, this is where the Path of Lemon starts, an easy route that leads from Maiori to Minori through lemon terraces and the village of Torre! (I’ll talk about it again later). Once in Minori, you can not miss a stop at Sal De Riso to try one of the most famous desserts of the Amalfi Coast: the Delizia al Limone! After this sweet stop,  I recommend a visit to the archaeological site of the Villa Romana di Minori, before you can take the ferry again. 

As always I have created an interactive map and a small guide with local advice and places not to be missed on the Amalfi Coast. Write to me on Whatsapp to receive it!

5) Ravello: the most beautiful terrace in the world

In the list of things to do in the Amalfi Coast, especially if you stay more days, you can definitely enter a visit to Ravello! Unlike the other places on the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is not located directly on the sea, but a little higher, on the Lattari Mountains. This makes Ravello the most beautiful terrace in the world, which has fascinated and attracted many poets and artists, including Wagner. To reach it you can choose to go by car (not recommended in high season – to consider the parking not cheap) or to reach Amalfi by ferry and then reach Ravello by bus or taxi.

In Ravello I recommend absolutely visiting Villa Cimbrone, with its Infinity Terrace or Villa Rufolo (also both!). For trekking lovers, Villa Cimbrone is right up close and starts a path that reaches Amalfi or Atrani on foot, developing largely through steep staircases, with extraordinary views, historic buildings and the Mediterranean scrub and the sea as a frame.

Write me on Whatsapp for more tips or questions!

6) Atrani: the smallest town in Italy

Atrani, one of the most beautiful and smallest villages in Italy, is one of the places to see on the Amalfi Coast. Located very close to Amalfi, you can reach it by arriving in Amalfi by ferry (in high season) and then by bus or taxi. In addition to taking a bath on its super characteristic embankment, surrounded by high arcades that also inspired the artist Escher in one of his works, I recommend you absolutely visit the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maddalena Penitente, with its evocative square overlooking the sea and the Church of San Salvatore de’ Birecto. 

Write to me to know where to try the most characteristic lemon spritz of the Amalfi Coast and for other tips!


7)Furore: the “village that is not there”

Halfway between Amalfi and Positano, there is another very small village, called “the village that does not exist”, to be included in the list of things to see on the Amalfi Coast, Furore. A village of houses scattered along the hilly hairpin bends that connect Amalfi with Agerola, and border the Fjord of the Amalfi Coast, the Fjord of Furore. If you arrive here by car or bus, you will pass over a 30-metre-high bridge over the sea, which is even more impressive when seen from the sea. Famous is the diving competition that takes place right here! 

At the foot of the Fjord there is a very small beach where you can swim and you can reach it through a path in the rock that starts from the state road near the bridge. In Furore I recommend you visit Il Giardino della Pellerina, with its ceramic benches with the verses of love poems and a spectacular view overlooking the sea. 

8) Agerola: the “land of the Gods”

Climbing even higher, at 600 meters above sea level, you can reach Agerola, also called “the land of the Gods”. Agerola is located on a plateau overlooking the sea, which makes it a veritable terrace on the Amalfi Coast, rich in cultivated land, paths and breathtaking views. For those who love tranquility, and especially for trekking lovers, my advice is to stay for a few days here in Agerola to fully enjoy its beauty and to be able to visit the Amalfi Coast. Perfect for those who decide to travel by car, because compared to the other cities of the Coast offers more parking space. In addition, to reach it more comfortably, avoiding the state road, you can reach it by motorway from Naples or Salerno, exiting at Castellammare di Stabia and continuing to Gragnano. For those who decide to visit it in a day, or to take one of the trails, including the Path of the Gods, the ideal is to buy the combined ferry+ bus ticket of the Travelmar company. 

To find out more, read: AGEROLA: Panoramic terrace on the Amalfi Coast

9) Salerno

Salerno is the perfect base to stay for several days and visit the entire Amalfi Coast and beyond. In addition to this, it is a city full of history and places to visit and things to do between visits in the surrounding area! It is well connected with all the villages of the Amalfi Coast listed, both by sea and by land, but also with other Italian cities, especially thanks to the high-speed trains that stop right at the Salerno station. For this reason, Salerno is also perfect for short weekends, as well as to be visited in a day! 

Navigating on the blog you will find many more information about this beautiful city and do not hesitate to contact me to receive the interactive maps to discover it better, as well as to receive a short guide on What to do in a day in Salerno


10) Trekking, Hiking & Trails on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is perfect for trekking lovers and more. Among the things to do here, there is certainly at least one of the endless trails and walks that you can do, for all levels of difficulty. Framed by the Lattari Mountains, which are the true backbone of the Amalfi Coast, this strip of paradise is crossed by paths with wonderful and breathtaking views. Among these, there are some more challenging ones, such as the Path of the Gods, which from Agerola reaches Positano passing through Nocelle, others are simpler and within the reach of even the least experienced, such as the Path of Lemons, which from Maiori reaches Minori through the terraced lemons, retracing one of the roads that once constituted the only way of communication for the inhabitants of the Amalfi Coast. But these are only 2 of the known trails you can do in this area. 

Write me on Whatsapp to discover the most reliable tours with expert guides, or to know which are all the paths you can do even independently. As always, I have created an interactive map where you can find the path closest to where you are or where you decide to stay! 

11) Boat tour to the Amalfi Coast

One of the things to do absolutely on the Amalfi Coast, is a boat tour to travel along the entire coast slowly and stop in the small coves and beaches that cannot be reached in any other way. You can admire the caves, such as the Emerald Cave in Conca dei Marini, or pass by the Fjord of Furore with its 30-metre-high bridge. Some tours also include stops to visit larger villages such as Amalfi and Positano, or aperitifs by boat at sunset,  up to more particular activities such as transparent kayaking tours, snorkeling or scuba diving

We highly recommend the boat tour for those who want to visit Capri in a day with a tour around the island of Capri, visit the White Cave and the Green Cave, plus stop to visit the island.

There are many tours on the internet and definitely the embarrassment of the choice, so contact me on Whatsaapper a local advice on which is better to choose, or to have some more information!

boat tour amalfi

12) Lemon Tour in the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is home to farms that allow you to visit and take tours of their lemon terraces with panoramic sea views. In addition to walking under the lemon-rich trees, you can discover the methods of cultivation of lemon from the Coast, the Sfusato Amalfitano, in addition to all its uses, from the production of limoncello to the use in the kitchen of what is called the gold of the Amalfi Coast. Some lemon tours also include the possibility of making an aperitif or a lunch based on lemon dishes! 

Discover more about the “SFUSATO AMALFITANO”: the lemon of the Amalfi Coast

Write me on whatsapp to get more information about the best Lemon Tours on the Amalfi Coast!

13) Wine tours and tastings in the Amalfi Coast

The Lattari Mountains on the Amalfi Coast also host farms with vineyards defined as “heroic” due to the difficulty in cultivating them and with panoramic views of the sea and the coast. At these facilities you can experience the magic of a wine tour to discover local viticulture and wine production. In addition to strolling through the vineyards, you can taste typical products of the area surrounded by nature while sipping a local wine. What are you waiting for? Write to me on Whatsapp for suggestions!

Discover more: WINE TOUR on the Amalfi Coast: which is the best for you?

14) Cooking class in Amalfi Coast

In addition to tasting typical local products in gastronomic itineraries at local farms, you can also participate in cooking classes: cooking classes in which you can try to prepare local dishes with your own hands! Among the dishes that you can try to prepare, you can not miss the fresh homemade pasta, pizza dough and many other dishes and desserts typical of Campania and the Amalfi Coast. Write to me on Whatsapp to find out more!

15) E-Bike Tour in Amalfi Coast

In addition to walking, you can visit the Amalfi Coast and the surrounding area by bike, or rather by electric bike (or e-bike)! With the e-bike tour with assisted pedaling you can slowly walk the most beautiful road in the world, stopping to visit the most characteristic villages without worrying about traffic and relying only on your strength! What are you waiting for?

Write me on Whatsapp for more information on where to rent your e-bike or your tour!



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