AGEROLA | Panoramic terrace on the Amalfi Coast

Agerola, land of the Gods, is located in an area overlooking the Amalfi Coast and from which you can observe the latter as if you were flying. Rich in woods and meadows, very close to the Monti Lattari Park, Agerola offers a breathtaking landscape, as well as a view. There are many panoramic points of Agerola from which you can admire and photograph some of the villages of the Amalfi Coast as if you were using a drone. Known mainly as the starting point of the famous Path of the Gods, Agerola offers many other itineraries, even shorter and simpler, which allow you to appreciate its lush nature and its panorama unique in the world. Read on to discover many secrets and tips to better enjoy your experience in the Land of the Gods.

A few notes on the history of Agerola

The history of Agerola begins in the distant prehistory for the luxuriant presence of woods, pastures and streams. Subsequently, the Romans settled many of their rustic villas in the more flat area. It is supposed that the name of Agerola was given by the Romans, starting from the word “ager”, the Latin word for “field”, to recall the agricultural vocation of this territory. 

During the period in which it was part of the Byzantine Duchy of Naples, Agerola developed into its five areas: Bomerano, Campora, Pianillo, Ponte, San Lazzaro and Santa Maria. It then became part of the territory of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, with which it entertained important commercial exchanges. Agerola, in fact, supplied Amalfi with wood to build galleys (boats), as well as agricultural products and seafarers.

agerola amalfi coast

With the Norman conquest of the Duchy of Amalfi by the Normans, who caused its decline, Agerola always forged closer and closer commercial relations with the Kingdom of Naples. It was in 1846 that he officially became part ofit at the behest of General Paolo Avitabile, who was one of the most illustrious characters of Agerola. In fact, in its honor, the General Avitabile square was named, the center of the San Lazzaro locality, one of the most panoramic points of Agerola and from which the path that I illustrate below starts.

What to do in Agerola in one day

Agerola is a panoramic terrace on the Amalfi Coast. From a height of 600 m above sea level, you can get lost with your gaze in the blue sea that merges with the sky blue.

Agerola is a land full of paths that allow you to reach points from which to admire the panorama of the Amalfi Coast, including the famous Path of the Gods. If you plan to go to Agerola only to park your car and take the Path of the Gods, you can read this other article in which I speak only of the path (shortly on the blog). If, on the other hand, you want to discover Agerola and visit it in one day, you can follow my suggestions and live a unique experience.

The route that I recommend to do is developed in the area of San Lazzaro, the most panoramic part of Agerola. All you need are 3 or 4 free hours (if towards sunset even better) and a great desire to walk (and fly!).

agerola view amalfi coast

After parking the car (I recommend finding a place along Via Antonio Coppola, direction Via Miramare), or after getting off the bus, continue along Via Miramare, at the end of which you will find a terrace overlooking the sea, Punta San Lazzaro, from which you can admire the breathtaking view: below you Conca dei Marini with Torre Capo di Conca. Looking to the left, the inlet of Amalfi.

Take your breath away and go up Via Salvatore di Giacomo and you will reach Colonia Montana Park. Once you enter the gate, I advise you to follow the path in front of you and not to take the stairs on the left. Once at the top, on your right you will find the immense square of the Campus Principe di Napoli – Gastronomic University and Higher Education. Continue, with your gaze lost in the immensity of the sea, until you reach the Observatory, from which you can observe the Furore Fjord from above, Positano, Punta Campanella and, in the end, Li Galli, Capri and Ischia.

“Land” again to descend towards Via Miramare. The flight is not over. Going up Via Miramare, take Via Radicosa on the right and continue along a road made of panoramic gardens that will guide you to Lauritano Castle, built during the period of belonging to the ancient Republic of Amalfi, with the aim of spotting the raids of the Saracens. Once on the lower terrace of the Castle, you can admire Amalfi from above, on the left, and, below, the imposing Santa Rosa Monastery with its infinity pool and, below, Conca dei Marini.

What to eat in Agerola

Agerola is located in an area rich in lands, pastures and, therefore, in gastronomic traditions. Typical products to try include: fiordilatte, smoked provola, Provolone del Monaco DOP; salami; the biscuit bread and the tarallo of Agerola; chestnuts and walnuts; “Pennata” pear and “limoncella” apple.

Fiordilatte is a fresh cheese with a spun paste of ancient tradition, while Provolone del Monaco DOP comes from the processing of the milk of the Agerolese cow. The “Pennata Pear”; is a dark green pear. The Pomodorino di Collina Agerolese, which grows in panoramic gardens 600 meters from the sea, is a small, round, red tomato with a very sweet, pulpy flavor. There are countless agritourisms where you can taste products at km 0, cultivated and produced with love in a divine land.

agerola amalfi coast
agerola food amalfi coast

How to get to Agerola/Bomerano

Starting from 18 July 2020 it is possible to reach Agerola with a single ticket which includes the journey by ferry and direct bus. You will arrive in Agerola without the stress of waiting for the bus and traffic. The ticket costs 15 euros and you can depart from any location on the Amalfi Coast as well as from Salerno. To consult the timetables and book your ticket, I refer you to the official page at the following link.

Alternatively, Agerola can be reached by car along the State Road of the Amalfi Coast, or (much more recommended) by taking the highway and exiting at Castellammare, and then along the Amalfi Coast behind.

What are you waiting for to plan your holiday on the Amalfi Coast? A stop in Agerola cannot be missed in your itinerary!

For any advice feel free to write to me on Whatsapp and I will be able to answer all your requests for curiosity and help!


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