Holidays in SALERNO: 5 good reasons to choose this destination

Salerno is a beautiful city worth seeing. If you have never heard of it, or if you know it but have never visited, read this short article. I list 5 good reasons to choose Salerno as a destination for your holidays.

1. Salerno is located in Italy!

I’m not saying that because I’m biased. Anyone with a vague idea of what Italy can offer will understand me. Salerno, like most Italian cities, is rich in history, beautiful landscapes, and good food. Precisely Salerno is located in southern Italy in Campania. In addition to being close to Naples, Salerno is very close to the places where buffalo mozzarella is produced. Pizza and buffalo mozzarella. Should I add more? Precisely Salerno is located in a gulf, a cutout of sea and coast that runs from Punta Campanella to Punta Licosa. This piece of land includes the Amalfi Coast, Salerno, and Cilento. It’s just a little, isn’t it?


2. Far from the madding crowd

Salerno has not yet been invaded by tourists. For those who like to visit different places, without experiencing the chaos of the groups, Salerno is the ideal destination. It is a reasonably large but not very large city that offers different accommodation solutions, all of them very comfortable and not very expensive. This is because its center is not so small but not even very extensive. You can comfortably visit everything on foot and take the transport only to visit the surroundings, which offer so much.

If you want some advice on where to stay, write to me, and I will be happy to recommend the best facilities for an unforgettable stay.

Salerno view

3. The magic touch of the sea

Salerno is a seaside town, and seaside towns always have that extra charm. The sea offers breathtaking views, unforgettable walks at sunset, unique colors at every hour of the day. You can experience all this by strolling along the Trieste waterfront: a 2km-long sea corridor that skirts the entire city. You can also walk up to the highest part of the town and admire the spectacle given by the sea popping up behind the roofs. The proximity to the sea, in addition to unique landscapes, offers a high-quality fish cuisine for food lovers. Many local seafood restaurants will delight your palates.

sea salerno

4. Great departure point 

One of the good reasons to choose Salerno as the destination of your holidays is because it is well connected to different places of interest that surround it. First of all, the Amalfi Coast, then Naples, the Royal Palace of Caserta, Paestum, Cilento with its unspoiled beaches, to name a few. Not being Salerno a tourist city per se, it does not make it chaotic and not even very expensive. Accommodation solutions are suitable for any traveler, be it as a group, a family, a couple, or even for those who like to travel alone.

The owners of tourist facilities in Salerno are friendly and love to host tourists from all over the world. Studies show that southern regions are the most popular. Try to believe it!

For information about accommodation, feel free to contact me on WhatsApp. I will help you find the right solution for you and get in touch directly with the owners.

5. Strategic links

Salerno is an excellent place from where you visit some of the most beautiful places in Campania and the world. The central train station is in the middle of the city. From here depart and arrive trains direct to the significant sites of interest such as Naples, Pompeii, Paestum, the Royal Palace of Caserta. In addition to regional trains, there are two high-speed train companies (Frecciarossa and Italo) that arrive in Salerno. For this reason, rapid connections are guaranteed with Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan, as well as Naples (to name a few cities).

Salerno has two ports. From both of them, starting in April until the end of October, the line of ferries headed for the Amalfi Coast is active. In just 30 minutes, you can reach Amalfi avoiding coastal traffic. There are many sea connections to many of the coastal villages, even less known but no less beautiful. In addition to the links to the Amalfi Coast, during summer, you can also reach the towns of Cilento Coast.


Among all the good reasons to choose Salerno as your holidays’ destination, there is the possibility to reach it easily from anywhere. If you are traveling by plane, arrive at Naples Airport and then take a train to Salerno (I recommend to travel by high-speed trains such as Frecciarossa and Italo)

What are you waiting for to book your trip to Salerno? If you need advice on how to organize your holiday in this beautiful city, write to me on WhatsApp!

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