RETREAT in Amalfi Coast and Salerno | The best place for your wellness retreat

If you are planning a retreat in the Amalfi Coast and Salerno for your next trip, you are in the right place. The Amalfi Coast, the most genuine and most hidden one,is one of those ideal places where you can relax and live unforgettable experiences

Let’s see, first of all, what does “retreat” mean and if we mean the same thing, because lately they talk more and more about this type of travel and perhaps the visions of it are very different.

Retreat, in its literal sense, means “withdraw”. Choosing to do a retreat, feeling the need to “retire”, however, does not mean wanting to isolate oneself, but quite the opposite. A retreat is a way to withdraw from everything that is familiar to us, from our routines, from our habits, from the people and situations we live in every day. A retreat is a way to step away from a place to “move” to another place that allows us to immerse ourselves in it, distancing ourselves from everything else and thus focusing on everything in a more detached and effective way. 

Doing a retreat also means to chill out, but in an unconventional way. The Relax that you experience in a retreat is not necessarily generated by a SPA or by massages in an extra-luxury wellness center. You don’t necessarily need to stay in a five-star resort, the important thing is to choose a destination that allows you to experiment with unusual activities and experiences, activities that can be very rejuvenating and relaxing that have nothing to do with super expensive luxury services.

Doing a “re-treat” means re-learn to better treat yourself and to love yourself, in order to prolong well-being even when the holiday is over. A retreat is, in fact, one vacation in which to find the connection with oneself. How can you do this? Immersing yourself completely in the chosen place, paying attention to the people you meet, spending more time with yourself, in order to find yourself inwardly.

The focus of a retreat is not outside, but inside. Leaving for a retreat means choosing to travel not in search of the most visited, best-known destinations, but in search of a deeper meaning. A journey that fills the soul, calms the mind, and creates space to welcome all that is most beautiful around us and within us.

And where to live a retreat, a unique emotional and sensorial experience, if not on the Amalfi Coast and Salerno? 

A magical place where to find the connection with nature, where to retrace the “paths of the gods” between the green vegetation of the Lattari Mountains and the blue of the immense sea. A place where the millenary traditions have been preserved over time and where you can discover them by coming into contact directly with the local people. A place to do hiking and trekking on the paths that run through the Lattari Mountains and the Valle delle Ferriere, do meditation and yoga breathing in the sea air and salt, letting yourself be lulled by the waves on a boat while admiring the enchanting landscapes of this land from the sea, walk the narrow streets of the villages nestled between rocks and cliffs that outline one of the most famous strips of land in the world. The Divine Coast.

In order to leave a perfect retreat on the Amalfi Coast and Salerno you will not have to follow the crowd, you will have to choose the right places and experiences that only a local can recommend. Only in this way can you slow down, breathe, immerse yourself in these places, notice the details, discover the most authentic flavors and local traditions. 

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