The Minerva Garden lights up with “Lumina Minervae”

The Minerva Garden is one of the most distinctive places in Salerno. It is a botanical garden located in the highest part of the old town, which makes it a secret and, for this reason, a magical place. During the Christmas season, the Minerva Garden lights up with the “Lumina Minervae” initiative. The goal of this article is to reveal some little secrets to make your visit and your Christmas holidays in Salerno unforgettable.

Since the beginning of November until the end of January, the city of Salerno lights up with colors due to the “Luci d’Artista” event.

I talk about Christmas holidays in Salerno and the Luci d’Artista in this article.

The Minerva Garden lights up with the "Lumina Minervae"

Among the sites of great interest, there is the Minerva Garden, where “Lumina Minervae” takes place. Set designers and communication studios collaborate to install a real luminous scene that enhances the Garden even more.

As I have already mentioned, the Minerva Garden is a secret and, for this reason, a hidden place. It’s not one of those places where you find yourself walking without a specific goal. For this very reason, it remains one of my favorite places, because it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the city from one of the quietest places and away from the bustle of the city. In the sections below, I will tell you how to reach it, but, above all, I will reveal some little secrets that will make your visit even more unforgettable.


How to get to the Minerva Garden?

One of the easiest ways to know how to get to the Garden is definitely thanks to Google maps. In this case, however, it is not one of the most effective. There are several ways to access the Garden and, alas!, Google often points to the most strenuous one! Being the Minerva Garden located in the upper part of the city, you will risk having to climb the Gradoni Fusandola to reach it. Just from the name, you can imagine that it is a climb made of steps, even a quite challenging one! Well, if Google maps were to point this way to you, don’t listen to it but follow my directions.

First, reach Salerno Cathedral: St. Matthew’s Cathedral. From here, you go up to Piazza Abate Conforti and take via Trotula de Ruggero, a narrow alley between the buildings, to the right of the Complesso Monumentale di Santa Sofia. Continuing along this little street, you will find yourself passing a small church at the top of the climb, and then you will have to pass under a low arch that you will find in front of you. A few steps downhill and the Minerva Garden will be in front of you.

lumina minervae

What time to visit the Garden during Lumina Minervae?

The Minerva Garden, during the Lumina Minervae exhibition, opens its doors at 5 pm and then closes at 8 pm. My advice is to be at 4.30 pm at the Cathedral, so to reach the Garden at 5 pm. The view from the Garden will be breathtaking. The roofs of the city and the sea in the background will be painted by the colors of the sunset that, at first, will be more exciting than any light installation.

minerva garden view

At this point, you can wait for the sun to dive while sipping tea or herbal tea, before immersing yourself in the beauty of the lights and sounds of the Minerva Garden when lights up with Lumina Minervae.

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