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Erchie is one of the villages of the Amalfi Coast, not to be confused with the homonymous municipality located in Puglia. Erchie is located precisely between Cetara and Maiori and is, therefore, the third village of the Amalfi Coast where you can stop, departing from Salerno. Unlike the other towns, however, Erchie is hidden and could escape the attention of all those who want to explore the Divine Coast in every corner. In this little “guide” I will tell you some curiosities about this piece of paradise and everything you need to know during your holiday in Salerno or in the Amalfi Coast.

Brief history and information about Erchie

Erchie does not have a great story to tell except that one of an inlet of land exposed to the sea and the invasions coming from it. Proof of this is the fact that today it only has 121 inhabitants and the presence of the imposing “La Cerniola” Tower which dominates its landscape. This Tower, in fact, like all the other ones that can be admired along the Amalfi Coast, is the symbol of the defence of local populations against the incursions of the Saracens and pirates.

Today, Erchie is a peaceful and unspoiled seaside village, which still resists the invasion of mass tourism that characterizes other places on the Amalfi Coast. Its landscape is mainly dominated by its few white houses and the blue sea that surrounds it.

A day at sea: the beaches of Erchie

Erchie is the ideal destination for a day at the beach. Forget shopping, in Erchie there is not even a main course with local product boutiques. The main beach, with the imposing Tower on one side, dominates the landscape. Here you can find mainly beaches equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as all the comforts to spend your day at the beach. For those who, however, love wilder and pristine beaches, there are two hidden ones just behind the Tower.

The first is Cauco beach. This pristine strip of beach hidden by the Tower can only be reached by sea. For the more adventurous, my advice is to rent a canoe to appreciate this piece of coast freely and live an unforgettable experience. Another tip to keep in mind is to spend the morning on this beach, since the sun leaves this strip of land very soon. At this point, with the canoe it will be possible to move to the other shore of Erchie: Sovrano Beach.

Sovrano Beach, also called “Lo Sgarrupo” (or Lemon’s beach) is a small strip of sand nestled between the rock, where you can swim in crystal clear waters. My advice is again to reach it by canoe, so you can return to the main beach when the sun is gone.

How to get to the village of Erchie

You can get to Erchie by car or by bus. It is not reached by the ferry line, which makes it, even more, a destination excluded from mass tourism.

Starting from Salerno by car, it will take about 25 minutes (without traffic), along the SS163 road. The ideal would be to reach Erchie with a rented scooter, as this option would solve the parking problem, which in Erchie costs around € 3 per hour. Once you pass Cetara, you have to pay attention to the junction on the right which will indicate the destination ERCHIE. Once at the intersection, take Via Provinciale and park in one of the parking lots that you find going down. Once the car is parked, reach the Sammarco square and go down the stairs to Via Marina. At this point, reaching the sea will not be difficult!

If, however, you want to reach Erchie by public transport, you will have to take one of the SITA buses. Direct departures from Salerno are few, all other trips leave from Vietri Sul Mare. To know how to reach Vietri sul Mare from Salerno, read this article. To consult all the timetables of the SITA bus, visit the website, or download the Moovit app, very useful! The bus will drop you exactly at the junction for Via Provinciale, from where you will have to continue on foot for 400 m, about 5 minutes to reach the sea!

What are you waiting for to plan your next holiday on the Amalfi Coast?

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