FREE walking tour Salerno

This Free City Walk Salerno is a free tour for anyone who comes here on holiday. The tour is not intended as a specialized guided tour but is, instead, an introduction to the city and everything you need to know!

The Free walking tour will be led by me personally. I’ll tell you about all the famous sites of interest and the most secret ones. Above all, I will focus on everything that only a local person can advise and suggest to you.

Are you ready to join it?

Whtch this video and follow me on Instagram! Then, feel free and write to me on Whatsapp to tell me when you’re going to be in Salerno. I will try to organize the groups according to the days and times that each of the participants will tell me.

And if you don’t know where to stay yet, I’ll be ready to give you advice.

The Free walking tour is your way to find friends in Salerno even before you arrive in this beautiful city. The first of these new friends will be me.

What are you waiting for? Feel free and write to me and join the Free City Walk Salerno!

walking tour salerno